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Readings are a combination of the most important information that is going on in your life, any questions that you have, that you would like guidance or clarity on, as well as communicating with any loved ones that have passed on that wish to communicate with you

 – 45 minutes: $150

– 1 hour: $200

Readings are done in person or over the phone. If done by phone, the price includes the phone call within the United States.

Whether in person or by phone, the readings are just as accurate.

* A reading is not a replacement or a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.

You will be contacted by email or phone to finalize your appointment.

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Both your time and my time are valuable, please confirm your appointment and make arrangements for payment at least 72 hours prior to your reading or it may be cancelled and offered to someone else.

No refunds will be given for skipped or missed appointments, however if you contact me to cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance, you will receive a credit towards another date and time.

Please note that I will honor the balance of your appointment up to 10 minutes past your scheduled time. If more than 10 minutes late, the appointment will be considered as a “no show.” Under certain circumstances such as extreme weather conditions, I will determine how to handle the appointment.