99.5 WYCD: Meet Molly, Rescue Dog, And Read My Psychic ‘Story Of The Bells’

Steve Grunwald, 99.5 WYCD On-Air Personality
February 25, 2013

Steve Grunwald with Daisy

As many of you know, I lost my dear sweet dog Daisy, in early January. My best friend Daisy was a rescue dog and was loved by many. Let me tell you a story.

When Daisy was put to sleep, I was beside myself as many of you know. Renowned psychic medium and motivational speaker, Kelly MacLeod, who we have on the Dr. Don Morning Show with Rachael & Grunwald from time to time, can communicate with people and animals who have passed over.

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The Source: Signs From Beyond

Source Staff Writer
Utica, Shelby Township Edition
October 2008

Kelly MacLeod knows some people are skeptical of her work.
It’s par for the course to encounter nonbelievers when you claim to be able to connect with the spirit world and receive messages from loved ones who have passed away. Some people mock her, others claim it’s ungodly and still others are simply cynics.

But MacLeod, a medium based out of Shelby Township, said she welcomes the skeptics. Sometimes she’s even able to convince them.

“Some of the comments that I receive after a gallery are amazing,” she said. “I had one man come up to me after a recent gallery and told me, ‘I was a complete skeptic.’ But I had connected with someone close to him and he said, ‘You used words that only I would have used.’”

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The Source: Medium Takes Readers to the “Other Side”

Book answers questions about the afterlife.

By Chris Williams
Source Staff Writer
Utica, Shelby Township Edition
September 30, 2007

At one point or another, most people have questioned what happens after this life.

When faced with the death of a parent, spouse or friend, many people ask questions about the status of departed souls. Are they angry for a past disappointment? Did they suffer in their final moments? Are they truly in a better place?

kellsourceKelly MacLeod believes she can bring peace and comfort to people asking those questions. For the past eight years she has served as a psychic medium, helping people connect with departed loved ones. Now, with a new book, she is hoping to impart her knowledge to a larger audience.

The book is called “Messages and Miracles from the Other Side” and it allows for MacLeod to share the knowledge she’s gleaned from nearly a decade of conversing with departed souls. The book not only tells of the various visions she’s experienced when channeling the spirit world, but also provides answers to questions many people ask after a friend or family member passes away.

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Detroit Free Press: 5 Questions With Kelly MacLeod

Trained psychic makes connections for clients
Lake Shore grad has written book

September 30, 2007


As Kelly MacLeod monotonously worked on the Ford Motor Co. assembly line lifting 35-pound brake drums, she envisioned herself free from that job in a career that would let her use her psychic ability to help people.

“The people at work laughed at me,” recalled MacLeod who has been a practicing psychic for three years, paid by clients to provide readings, hypnotherapy and to communicate with deceased loved ones.

“I would tell them I’m going to be on every stage, every TV and every radio station, I’m going to be the next John Edwards. I’ll be a household name.

“They would say ‘When pigs fly.’ I have a pig with wings hanging in my office.”

MacLeod, who grew up in St. Clair Shores and graduated from Lake Shore High School in 1987, was using the advice of the hot-selling “The Secret” — envisioning what you want to make it happen and living with an attitude of gratitude — long before the popular documentary was released.

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Real Detroit Weekly: Kelly MacLeod, Enchanted Soul

By Stephanie Schneider
March 21, 2007

Credit: Stephanie Schneider

Even before she accurately described my long-dead grandfather without any prompting, I was certain Kelly MacLeod was for real. Who else would give up a job at Ford Motor to become a full-time psychic/medium?

MacLeod first started to have “strange things” happen to her when she was 13. “I was running down the stairs to put the clothes in the dryer, and I had this vision of me flipping head over heels all the way down. … And I thought, ‘Oh, that’s wrong. Why would you think something like that?’ So, I kind of blew it off. Then [later], my foot slipped at the top of the stairs, and there I went tumbling, exactly like how I’d seen it.”

For years afterward, MacLeod would have visions and deny them, thinking she would create the events they described. She lived a “normal life” until she predicted her then husband would have a motorcycle accident. He didn’t listen. “Later, I was in the middle of the store, and it felt like someone hit me with a 2-by-4. Everything went black, my head was pounding …” At the same moment, her husband spun out at 80 mph.

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