Kelly MacLeod has trained with many great teachers, which has helped to develop her skills, abilities and has allowed for greater spiritual growth.

Kelly has:

  • Studied with Europe’s top Psychics and Mediums at Arthur Findlay College located in Stansted, England.
  • Trained as a Certified Heal Your Life, Achieve Your Dreams Workshop Leader – based on the philosophy of Louise Hay.
  • Trained as a Medical Intuitive and Quantum Healer under the expertise of Kim Seer.
  • Became a Certified Hypnotherapist, graduating from Clinical Hypnosis Institute.
  • Has expanded her energetic healing skills with the help of the Ascended Masters and Archangels through Lightarian Attunements(TM) and has become a facilitator of the Lightarian Rays and Lightarian AngelLinks Attunement Programs.

Kelly is also a Reiki Master.

Other courses that Kelly has studied:

  • Basic and Advanced Meditation
  • Basic and Advanced Psychic Development
  • Basic and Advanced Channeling
  • Mediumship Development
  • Energy Sensing & Aura Scanning
  • Past Life Regression
  • Angels & Spirit Guides
  • Angel & Faerie Cards
  • Tarot
  • Reiki