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The Source: Signs From Beyond

Source Staff Writer
Utica, Shelby Township Edition
October 2008

Kelly MacLeod knows some people are skeptical of her work.
It’s par for the course to encounter nonbelievers when you claim to be able to connect with the spirit world and receive messages from loved ones who have passed away. Some people mock her, others claim it’s ungodly and still others are simply cynics.

But MacLeod, a medium based out of Shelby Township, said she welcomes the skeptics. Sometimes she’s even able to convince them.

“Some of the comments that I receive after a gallery are amazing,” she said. “I had one man come up to me after a recent gallery and told me, ‘I was a complete skeptic.’ But I had connected with someone close to him and he said, ‘You used words that only I would have used.’”

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The Source: Medium Takes Readers to the “Other Side”

Book answers questions about the afterlife.

By Chris Williams
Source Staff Writer
Utica, Shelby Township Edition
September 30, 2007

At one point or another, most people have questioned what happens after this life.

When faced with the death of a parent, spouse or friend, many people ask questions about the status of departed souls. Are they angry for a past disappointment? Did they suffer in their final moments? Are they truly in a better place?

kellsourceKelly MacLeod believes she can bring peace and comfort to people asking those questions. For the past eight years she has served as a psychic medium, helping people connect with departed loved ones. Now, with a new book, she is hoping to impart her knowledge to a larger audience.

The book is called “Messages and Miracles from the Other Side” and it allows for MacLeod to share the knowledge she’s gleaned from nearly a decade of conversing with departed souls. The book not only tells of the various visions she’s experienced when channeling the spirit world, but also provides answers to questions many people ask after a friend or family member passes away.

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